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"Our philosophy is simple; treat clients like they are

our family."

The focus of The Embrescia Wealth Management Group is client-centered. We treat each and every client as part of the Embrescia family. We strive to enhance wealth and preserve legacies for every one of our clients in all areas of their estate plan, whether it be in wealth creation, retirement, or preservation. 


The Embrescia Wealth Management Group is a family owned and operated investment advisory practice of Stratos Wealth Partners, Ltd, a registered investment advisor, specializing in helping families pursue their desired futures. Comprised of tenured and highly trained financial professionals, we actively assist our client families, develop, implement, and help them work towards their lifetime dreams, financial goals, and objectives. 

Our philosophy is simple; treat clients like they’re our family. Our personalized strategies take a holistic approach encompassing the delicate combination of professional portfolio management, estate planning, and legacy discussions. This approach starts with a professionally guided discovery process where we listen to our clients, regarding their dreams, goals and desired outcomes.  We then work with our experienced team to review these desires as we work to create a more meaningful and purposeful plan involving clients’ investment portfolios, estate plan, and legacy documents.  This important process typically exposes gaps and contradictions in client’s dreams and plans and uncovers inconsistencies with their financial goals and objectives.


Wishing everyone Health & Happiness during these chaotic times! 


As we enter the second half of the decade, our team sees amazing opportunities to pursue creating and building wealth. Our clients who have chosen to work with us, as well as those considering joining our family, have come to understand that collectively we can paint a vision, create a plan reflective of that vision, execute that plan, and monitor all of our results to work towards success. It is in this way that we can best realize our opportunities while avoiding pitfalls. 

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Michael Embrescia
CEO/Founder, Wealth Advisor



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