Our Process

Establish a Relationship


Gather Data

Develop & Present Plan

Implement Plan

Analyze & Evaluate

Review & Revise Plan



Establish a Realtionship

This is the first step of the financial planning process. Here, the advisor explains to the client(s) what services will be provided and defines both the clients and advisors responsibilities. In addition,they will also explain how they will get paid, how long the relationship will last and how decisions will be made. 


Gather Client Data

During this step, the financial advisor asks various questions about the client's financial situation, personal/financial goals, and outlook on risk. In addition, the advisor will gather all necessary documents and information before forming a financial plan. 




Analyze &


At this stage in the financial planning process, the financial planner analyzes the client information obtained in step #2. The advisor access where the client is right now and develop multiple "routes" in order to work towards achieving their personal and financial goals. Whether it is saving for college, retirement, or a vacation this step is key to that success. 


Develop & Present Plan

At this stage, the the advisor and client will have a meeting, either in person or over the phone, and offer the various plans that address the clients goals and make an educated decision on the one that is in the best interest for the client. In addition, the advisor will listen to the clients concerns and revise the recommendations accordingly. 




Implement the Financial Plan

At this stage, the financial planner and client begin implementing the plan discussed in stage #4. The financial planner will carry out the recommendations and also coordinate the additional processes with the client and other professionals such as attorneys. 

Monitor & Review 

This is the final step in the financial planning process. The financial advisor will review your implemented plan, usually 6 months after the plan was executed, and review/adjust recommendations based on the clients situation or if any other factors effect the plan.