Tech Tools


Risk Management is something that is talked about greatly but never fully understood. Riskalyze is a new tool that the Embrescia Wealth Management Group is utilizing to provide a more efficient and accurate investment practice across all accounts. This tool will allow clients to better understand their risk and how we as advisor's are managing it.

Riskalyze is able to quantify risk by producing a "Risk Number."  After taking a short 10 minute survey, the program will provide this risk number to you. This risk number can range from 1 (being most conservative - think, investing 100% of assets into cash) to 99 (extremely risky - think, investing 100% assets into one single stock). With this Risk Number, we are able to invested appropriately based on your risk profile and expectations and educatie clients throughout the process.

We look forward to using this tool to help educate and inform you about your risk number and outlook. To learn more about this offer, please feel free to call the office at (330) 954-3770 or bring it up in your next meeting with an adivsor.