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As time goes on, life gets more complicated and so does your finances. With additions like 401(k) plans, qualified accounts, and individual accounts, it is hard to keep track of where everything is located. 

We are pleased to offer you a personal service that helps you managed your finances and other important financial information including wills, POA's, and other personal documents. WealthVision is a secure online program that allows individuals to view all of their finances and investments in one place. 

WealthVision offers multiple benefits including: 


We look forward to helping you use this tool to the best of your abilities to make your life less complicated. To learn more about this offer, please feel free to call the office at (330) 954-3770 or bring it up in your next meeting with an adivsor. 

  • Tracking all of your financial accounts

  • Secure storage of your most important documents including wills, POA's, tax returns, medical histories, passports, etc.  

  • Use a budget tool that tracks all your purchases 

  • Track outside accounts like car notes, college loans, and home mortgages